About OPR

Offshore Pipelines and Risers (OPR) was established in 2001 and is headquartered in Houston, the center of world ocean engineering with branch companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Harbin and Kuala Lumpur.

A technically advanced and innovative company, OPR provides services in oil pipeline, ocean engineering, technical consultation and technical support. To make advanced technical and sophisticated design abilities the foundation of the company, OPR’s strategy is to provide an open environment for talent development and to continue to use talent to propel the company’s life and growth. In order to consistently improve the company’s professional technical ability, OPR works to advance and use global and local talent resources, and to create opportunities for new talent by actively forging technical cooperation and alliances with various organizations around the world, including American Berkeley University, American Bureau of Shipping, Harbin Engineering University, Harbin Institute of Technology and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Today the company includes 83 people, among them 5 professor grade engineers, 17 senior engineers, 31 engineers, with PHD and master degree holders accounting for more than 70% of the staff. Almost our employees have international work experiences and hands-on, practical project experiences. Our founder, Dr. Yong Bai, has over 20 years of oil pipe line, under sea risers, Jack up and semi submersible drilling platform experience, and has published 5 monographs, and over 100 dissertations. He was a project and engineering leader at JP Kenny, ABS, MCS prior to starting OPR and has a rich portfolio of real project experiences.